Bar Screens

Bar Screens (BS Series )

The BS Series range of automatic rake bar screens are economically priced and well suited to smaller wastewater treatment plants. With simple practical design and all stainless steel construction, BS bar screens are extremely reliable and suitable for harsh operating conditions.Bar spacing ranges from 1.0mm to 50mm and throughput capacity from 18m³/h to 290m³/h.


  • Adopting stainless steel for main components

The main components, such as frame, screen bar and rake, are made of stainless steel and thus provide strength and durability.

  • Adopting inner chain structure

Carriage chain is built in the frame and not exposed in front of screen, preventing sludge or dirt passing through the screen from attaching to carriage chain or sprocket in the lower part of the machine.

  • Adopting link-type bar support device

Link-type bar support mechanism (excluding BS1N and BS1H) prevents screen bar from sagging due to its own weight. This mechanism provides less wear and higher durability than a rake-type bar support mechanism.