Fibreglass panel tanks

Our Fibreglass panel tanks are an exceptionally good solution where installations involve corrosive liquids or harsh and corrosive environments such as near beach fronts or high intensity UV. All Fibreglass panel tanks come supplied with a Gel coating similar to that used on marine equipment and boats. Standard volumes range from 14kL to 3.3ML. Pipework, flanges and manholes can be custom fitted to suit customer requirements.

Torpedo underground tanks

Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials these innovative products provide solutions for a vast range of applications. Torpedo tanks can be customised into many configurations; from raw water storage systems for residential properties through to a customised pumping, treatment and recycling system. The nature of fibreglass and polyethylene construction lets us design the exact fit for your project. Each system can be built in many different diameters, differing size configurations and with endless pipe, manhole and chamber options.

Panel tanks

Our flat panel tanks are fully engineered to exceed the requirements for wind loading and water pressures in accordance with Australian Standards. Our tanks can be engineered to meet the requirements of structures in cyclonic areas.