Mempak® MBR

The MemPAK® MBR range of compact, high performance, packaged wastewater treatment plants are designed as a complete solution for small to medium sized wastewater processing requirements producing safe, high quality, Class A+ effluent suitable for reuse or environmentally sensitive discharge applications.

Highly efficient treatment processes combined with simple robust engineering affords superior performance and reliable operation under all conditions with low operator maintenance requirements.

The MemPAK® MBR is available either as a skid mounted system or a complete containerized treatment package plant. Plant capacities range from 10m3 to 150m3 per day.

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Mempak® RO & Mempak® SWRO

The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO series, suitable for the most demanding applications, are designed for industrial, brackish and sea water applications.

The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO systems remove salts, organic materials, impurities and other contaminants from water. They are also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150-250 Daltons.

The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO systems are engineered using advanced 3D computer modelling and process design and can be completely customised to best suit your needs.

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The MemPAK® Ultrafiltration range of package plants have been designed to be added to a conventional wastewater treatment plant as a tertiary stage to produce clean, pathogen safe water, suitable for reuse applications. System is designed to comply with Australian Water Guideline requirements and can achieve a 6.5 log reduction.

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The MemCASE® is a ‘plug and play’ packaged UF tertiary treatment system designed to be added as a tertiary stage following a conventional wastewater treatment plant.

The MemCASE® features the BIO-CEL® submerged MBR and all associated process equipment including: Membrane bioreactor tank, aeration blower, circulating pumps and electronic process controls. The MemCASE® can be retrofitted in place of existing clarifier tanks. MLSS is circulated between the aeration tank and the MemCASE®.

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