Pump Stations

Pump Stations

ULTIMA Pump Stations have been successfully installed in thousands of projects over 25 years for various applications including industrial, sewer, stormwater and tradewaste. Each pump station is designed to meet site specific requirements and only uses equipment that has been tested and verified in the field. These packaged systems are proven, reliable and cost effective to install.Distinctly recognisable by the external valve chamber, the ULTIMA Pump Station is packed with value and is the preferred pumping station for any high profile or essential services applications.

  • Integral valve chamber:

Valves are kept out of the harsh pumpwell environment, giving them longer life and they have a separate access point meaning no confined-space entry is required to service them.

  • Epoxy coated cast iron valves:

High quality, long lasting valves are used over conventional brass or PVC valves, providing long term reliability.

  • Well-washer unit:

Programmed to operate after each pump operation, the well-washer will keep the station clean of build-up.

  • Advanced series controller:

State of the art control system with interactive digital display, data logging, MODBUS compatibility, full adjustability of parameters and liquid level display.

  • Hydrostatic level transducer:

This stainless steel, highly accurate, pressure sensor provides for greater reliability than conventional floats or probes with no moving parts to fowl up and also providing full adjustability at the control module without accessing the station.

  • Pumps:

Ultima Pumps are specifically selected on a project by project basis, from an exclusive range of local and international suppliers, to find the right pump for your application.