Mempak® RO & Mempak® SWRO

Mempak® RO & Mempak® SWRO (Industrial Brackish & Seawater Reverse Osmosis packaged systems)

The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO series, suitable for the most demanding applications, are designed for industrial, brackish and sea water applications.The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO systems remove salts, organic materials, impurities and other contaminants from water. They are also capable of rejecting bacteria, sugars, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150-250 Daltons.The MemPAK® RO and MemPAK® SWRO systems are engineered using advanced 3D computer modelling and process design and can be completely customised to best suit your needs.