Mixers (SM Series)

The SM Mixer features full stainless steel construction for a long service life. The newly developed high efficiency thrust system generates a strong jet flow with low power consumption thanks to the unique propeller and shroud design. Wear resistance of the propeller is enhanced by a special hardening treatment.


  • Low-output (0.25 - 0.75kW) compact design allows to install easily even in a narrow place.
  • Installing optional flow stabilizer allows operations at water depth 500mm, suitable for mixing flow rate adjusting tanks in a small-scale sewage treatment plant.
  • Newly developed propeller generates strong jet flow even with low-output.
  • Mounting and removing mixer can be done only moving along the guide bar, auto connection device provide the easy maintenance.
  • Non-clog type propeller is used to avoid tangling debris. Troubles due to debris clogging are avoided.
  • Mixer installation angle is 120°, allowing operation with free angles. Select the most suitable angle for mixing effect.