Screening compactors / endless bagging units

A full range of screening compactors and endless bagging units to suit your inlet works equipment.

ISP series (inclined sludge press)

Our ISP series dewatering machines offer excellent sludge dryness and power consumption over other conventional
dewatering systems. The inclined sludge press technology has significant advantages including low energy consumption, low wear and maintenance and high efficiency. The ISP units will handle inflow rates up to

Filter Press (Draco Series)

The fully automatic Draco Filter Press series offers maximum dewatering and dry solids production.

Pilot testing is also available with our mini press units.

Draco® offers maximum dewatering and dry solids production. Capable of operating in fully automatic, FPA, semi-automatic, FPSA, or completely in manual mode, FPM.Draco® offers a range of efficient, high performance equipment for special applications.