who we are

Introduction & Overview

Treatment of water and wastewater is an ongoing challenge for communities worldwide. As environmental regulations increase, cost-effective and high-performing treatment solutions become integral.

At MBR Technologies, we draw on years' of experience in the design, testing and manufacture of water and wastewater treatment systems that are utilised in over 45 countries.


MBR Technologies provides effective solutions using high quality equipment for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We recognise the imperative requirement in the industry for reliable equipment correctly matched for the application. Our products have been designed for and installed in the following applications:

> Municipal

> Mining

> Oil & gas

> Food & Beverage Industries

> Abattoir

> Dairy

> Defence

> Commercial and residential developments

Quality Products, Tailored Service

Our focus is on providing highly quality products for potable water, stormwater and wastewater applications. Our unique combination of technical experience, access to equipment worldwide and product design, provides to our customers with an organisation that includes:

> Consultancy

> Bench, Pilot & Field Trials

> Laboratory analysis, testing & reporting

> Engineering design

> Manufacturing

> Installation

> Onsite supervision

> Commissioning

> Drawings & Documentation

> Operational monitoring and

> System servicing

> Maintenance

MBR Technologies treatment solutions vary from systems based on proven engineering principles through to advanced biological processes. Our diverse range of products provides our customers with various options to achieve their water quality objectives to suit their budget and site constraints.